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Why clean Roof and remove Moss?

1. Moss can raise shingles (much like a jack under a car). It allows water to get in, and that leads to wood rotting underneath shingles. Pretty soon, you have a roof leak that can be expensive to fix.

2. Moss lets more debris get trapped on roof. This debris promotes water build-up which makes roof at risk of much more rotting / leaking.

3. Moss can actually damage asphalt shingle components leaving it to break down faster.


* Using a Non Pressure Washing for Roof cleaning - manually remove the moss using brushes and scrubbers

* Rate is dependent on type, pitch and work amount

* Clay & Concrete Tile Roofs have a higher cost to clean than an asphalt shingle roof

* Higher pitched steep roofs also have a higher cost to clean

* Additional Services – Roof Tiles Repair / Replacement

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